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Orthodontic Treatments in West Chester Township, OH

Your options for a beautiful smile


Virtually invisible and almost entirely pain-free, Invisalign corrects misaligned teeth without wires or metal brackets. Instead, using a series of custom-made, clear, removable aligners, Invisalign straightens your teeth by gradually and gently shifting their position until your smile is absolutely perfect. You can have a beautiful smile without disrupting your daily life with our orthodontic treatments right here in Cincinnati, Oh!

Gruelle Dempsey Orthodontics is honored to be one of the top 5 Invisalign providers worldwide out of over 150,000 providers. While some practices will reject a patient’s request to use Invisalign, we find that the majority of patients who want to, can be treated with Invisalign. We also perform “alpha” and “beta” testing for Invisalign in a quest to increase their product line.

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Damon® System

The innovative Damon Smile system uses a passive slide mechanism rather than traditional tie brackets to straighten teeth more easily, quickly, and comfortably. Without elastic ties that act like parking brakes and have to be manually readjusted at each appointment, Damon System brackets move freely and exert less pressure on your teeth (which is where the discomfort comes from). More than 2 million patients have used the Damon System of braces with beautiful results.

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New technology in orthodontic treatments make it more comfortable by gently guiding teeth into place with little or no pressure, which is exactly how In-Ovation works. A free-sliding technology that reduces uncomfortable pressure and allows teeth to move into correct placement gradually, In-Ovation braces are an innovative way to correct a misaligned smile. In-Ovation brackets are smaller and less obvious than traditional braces, and their high-tech design allows for fewer—and shorter—office visits.

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We are all used to seeing braces on the fronts of teeth, but Incognito, the modern and invisible alternative to conventional braces, turns this traditional view around. Hidden on the back of your teeth, Incognito braces are completely invisible to the outside world. Incognito braces are custom made to fit your teeth perfectly, which allows for maximum comfort and extremely precise results. Incognito braces work for patients of all ages.

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Sleep Apnea

People who suffer from chronic sleep apnea experience prolonged pauses in breathing during sleep that can occur as many as 30 times or more per hour. Often people return to normal breathing with a loud chocking or snorting sound. Constant sleep disruption like this can cause daytime drowsiness, stress and strain on your heart, and loud snoring during sleep. If you have been diagnosed you with sleep apnea, one treatment option is to be fitted for a custom retainer that can help restore regular breathing during sleep.

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TMJ/TMD Treatments

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) connects your jawbone to your skull and acts like a hinge to allow you to move your jaw freely. TMJ disorders (TMD) can cause pain in your jaw and the muscles that control jaw movement. TMD is very common and is easily treated by working with your dentist and orthodontist.

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Surgical Orthodontics

A lot of times teeth can be straightened gradually, using gentle methods of repositioning over time. However, sometimes in order to correct jaw irregularities or severe bite misalignment, surgery is necessary. Surgical orthodontics moves the jaw into correct alignment, often improving a patient's ability to breathe easily, chew without pain, and speak clearly. Surgery is often used in conjunction with braces in order to make sure teeth remain in proper position over time. Contact us today to see how our orthodontic treatments can work for you!

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