Sometimes braces can be a hassle, but not always! Here are some tips on taking care of them.

Foods to be CAUTIOUS of:

  • Hard Foods - Solid Candies, Chips, Nuts
  • Chewy Foods - Steaks, Licorice, Bagels, Pizza
  • Crunchy Foods - Popcorn, Tacos, Cereal
  • Sticky Foods - Gum, Gelatin Candies, Caramel
  • Foods you have to bite into - Apples, Pears, Corn on the Cob, Carrots, Asparagus, Celery

Foods you CAN eat with your new braces:

  • Vegetables - Beans, Mashed Potatoes, Steamed Spinach
  • Fruits - Fruit Juice, Bananas, Pineapple, Applesauce
  • Treats - Milkshakes, Ice Cream, w/out Nuts, Soft Cakes, Jell-O
  • Dairy - Pudding, Milk-Based Drinks, Soft Cheese, Ensure
  • Breads - Pancakes, Muffins w/out Nuts, Soft Tortillas
  • Grains - Soft Cooked Rice, Pasta, Macaroni
  • Meats/Poultry - Lunch Meats, Soft Cooked Chicken, Meatballs
  • Seafood - Salmon, Tuna, Poke, Crab Cakes

Soreness You May Feel Caused from Braces:

It is completely normal to feel a bit sore, but the temporary pain will heal soon! It’s not unusual for your cheeks, lips, and tongue to become slightly irritated for 1-2 weeks as they adjust and toughen to the new braces. We recommend mixing lukewarm water (8 ounces) with salt (1 tspn). Gargle and swish the solution in your mouth for just a couple of minutes without swallowing the saltwater and dispose of it in the sink immediately after.

If your pain is more intense we recommend taking a pain reliever (Advil, Ibuprofen, Aleve, etc.). You can also use wax (which we provide) to help with the soreness. If you would like some, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Loose Teeth

If your teeth feel a bit loose after getting your braces put on, it's completely okay. This is exactly what should be expected! The braces loosen up your teeth so that they can easily move into the correct position in your mouth. After your teeth have reached the desired position, everything will go back to normal.

Loose Wires & Bands

Sometimes accidents happen. If a band or wire comes loose, reach out to us immediately, and we'll set-up an emergency appointment to fix it. Make sure you save any of the broken appliances and bring it to your appointment.

As a temporary fix, use the back of a spoon or the eraser end of a pencil to carefully and gently push the wire back into place. If there is irritation caused by the loose wire around your lips or cheek area, place a wet cotton ball over the broken wire to relieve the pain.

Taking Care of Your Appliances

Take care of your appliances so as not to damage them and affect your treatment. If you do this, it may take longer for your braces to work correctly. All of your appliances that are given to you (rubber bands, retainer, etc.) must be worn consistently so that your teeth move as planned.

Sports & Braces

Great news for you athletes! – You don’t have to miss out on a game! If you play sports, it’s recommended that you keep your mouth guard on to protect your teeth and new appliances. Make sure you speak to your doctor to ensure you find the mouth guard that is best for you!

Contact Gruelle-Dempsey Orthodontics right away in the case of a sports emergency if you have hurt yourself and notice any loose teeth or appliance damage. You can relieve the pain temporarily by rinsing your mouth with lukewarm saltwater or by applying wax.

Retainer Instructions

Here are some simple instructions to take care of your removable retainer:

  • Wear your retainer all the time. Unless you are eating, playing sports or given different instructions by the doctor, you should be wearing your retainer.
  • Remove your retainer while swimming.
  • At first, your retainer may affect your speech. This will go away the longer you wear your retainer and practice speaking.
  • Brush your retainer at least twice a day the same way you would brush your teeth.
  • Always place your retainer in its case when you aren’t wearing it. This will prevent it from becoming lost or damaged.
  • Retainers are breakable and expensive to replace. Avoid placing them near heat or someplace they could easily be damaged.
  • Do not attempt to adjust your retainer. If you are experiencing problems, contact our office.
  • Don’t play with your retainer with your tongue. It could damage the retainer or your teeth.
  • Always bring your retainer with you to appointments.

Contact us if you still have questions or concerns about your retainer