Why Are Braces Right for Crowded Teeth?

Millions of people deal with dental problems year after year, and crowded teeth are just one issue. There are many reasons why an individual can find themselves dealing with this condition. However, the singular best treatment for crowded teeth is braces.

Whether that means getting traditional metal braces or a newer product like Invisalign, braces can help straighten your teeth so that you have a new smile and renewed confidence. A simple Google search will reveal that there is an orthodontist on practically every corner. However, not every orthodontist is equally as capable as the next. While most will practice in a trustworthy manner, others will cut corners. 

Our orthodontist practice is set apart from others because of its commitment to quality care and real results. From the moment you enter Gruelle Dempsey Orthodontics, you will appreciate the warm and inviting atmosphere that we strive to provide. Our staff of dental professionals is here to help you from consultation to the moment your braces are removed.

Why Are Braces Right for Crowded Teeth?

Although braces are available in plastic, metal, and ceramic materials, they all have the same goal: to straighten and align the teeth properly. The time you spend with braces on your teeth will ultimately be determined by how crooked or crowded your teeth are. So, what makes braces the ideal solution for crowded teeth?

Braces work by placing gentle pressure on the teeth over a set amount of time, typically one to three years. Slowly, as pressure is placed in different locations on your teeth, they will begin to straighten. Today, the discomfort of braces has been replaced by new and improved orthodontic technology that keeps you comfortable while wearing them. Some braces, like Invisalign, are removable. 

As your orthodontic treatment progresses, your dentist will add pressure at specific points. For instance, most orthodontic patients will be given removable rubber bands that are connected between brackets on the upper and lower teeth. This helps with teeth and jaw alignment. Every patient is different, and depending on your circumstances, your teeth might require different hardware.

Overall, braces are the best solution for crowded teeth. Over a period of time, they slowly draw the teeth away from each other and align them properly as they are supposed to be.

The right orthodontist will keep you informed and updated on the progress your teeth are making throughout the time you have braces. You can choose traditional metal braces or take a more modern approach with Invisalign. Either way, Gruelle Dempsey Orthodontics is with you every step of the way.

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