Which Tooth Straightening Appliance Is Right For You?

One of the most noticeable and desirable features for most people is a beautiful set of straight and white teeth. There are a number of different ways to get straighter teeth, keep your teeth straight, and improve the overall health of your teeth. If you are interested in learning more about how you can get the smile of your dreams, contact the expert orthodontic team here at Gruelle Dempsey Orthodontics today. We are proud to not only serve the tri-state area with the best orthodontic services but to be in the top 1% of all Invisalign providers in the world. Here are three of our most common teeth-straightening appliances and why they might be perfect for you.

Palatal Expanders

One of the reasons why we recommend getting orthodontic work while people are still young is to fully take advantage of your body’s natural growth over time. Palatal Expanders create more space in your mouth by gradually widening your upper jaw. This may sound painful, but rest assured, this is a fairly straightforward and painless process. Palatal expanders can be used for a number of treatments including issues like crossbites, overcrowding, impacted teeth, and many more alignment issues.

Class two correctors

Class two correctors are a set of appliances used to correct your “overbite or overjet”. There are many on the market, but the most commonly used class two corrector in our practice are Carriere distalizers. With Carriere distalizers, rubber bands are worn to retract the maxillary teeth and protract the mandibular teeth correcting the overjet. Once the overjet is corrected, they are removed and you are either scanned for your invisalign trays or your braces are placed to finish alignment. Carriere distalizers can help shorten your rubber band wear with traditional braces or invisalign by up to 50%. The bite is corrected first and the alignment is attained second.


Retainers are probably the most widely used and recognizable straightening appliance on the market. Retainers are usually used after braces or Invisalign treatments in order to ensure that your teeth stay completely aligned. Not all retainers are built in the same way, with some being permanently placed and others being fully removable. These removable options can be very appealing, but it is important to make sure that you listen to your orthodontist’s directions. Keeping your retainer out for too long or bending/breaking your retainer can cause your teeth to revert back to their previous state or even get more misaligned.

Depending on your orthodontic needs, you may see a number of these tooth straightening appliances throughout your treatment plan. If you have more questions about your treatment plan or want to get a second opinion on your orthodontic care, come into Gruelle Dempsey Orthodontics today. Our elite level orthodontists are proud to be in the top five Invisalign providers in the world. See what sets our team apart from the pack with your free consultation today.