Three Ways Braces Will Change Your Appearance

If you are in the midst of getting braces on your teeth or that of your child, chances are you have a great many questions about the entire process. After finding the right orthodontist, you will find yourself scheduling appointments for moldings, consultations, and more. Getting braces can be both scary and exciting.

Whether or not braces change your face could be a question you have. And, this is a good question to ask. There are many reasons people get braces, with each one having a unique situation.

Simply put, the answer to this question is ‘yes.’ Although the degree of change will depend on your current skeletal structure—namely, the jaw bone. Braces do change your face, but for the better. A healthy mouth is a key to maintaining your physical health, while a beautiful smile gives you confidence.

For some, the primary purpose of braces is to align the upper and lower jaw so that their teeth come together as they are supposed to. On the other hand, other individuals might get braces in order to properly align their teeth by pulling them inward to eliminate gaps.

Orthodontics is a precise and important field of dental practice. These specialists work hard to help their patients achieve a healthier and more confident lifestyle through the use of braces. Moreover, with modern technology, alternatives to metal braces (like Invisalign) are making the entire process more pain-free with quicker results.

Three Ways Braces Will Change Your Appearance

1.) Close Gaps in the Teeth

It is common for individuals to experience uneven tooth growth. Gaps in the teeth can create problems when chewing food. Furthermore, many individuals are self-conscious when smiling. Braces are an excellent option to fix this problem.

Although it typically takes several years of gradual change, you will eventually see those gaps close. As far as facial changes go, if it is just your teeth that are being targeted for change, there is little chance you will also see changes to your face.

2.) Correct Overbites and Underbites

Overbites and underbites typically cause one’s facial features to look skewed or asymmetrical. It might cause you to look as if you have a weak chin or sunken features with the former. And, the latter causes the bottom jaw to stick out.

Fortunately, both of these issues are completely fixable. Using special hardware and techniques, your orthodontist will coax your upper and lower jaws into alignment. Be ready for amazing results.

3.) Align Your Jaw to Correct an Open Bite

The term ‘open bite’ refers to a condition where the teeth do not meet at all in the middle, as they are supposed to. This makes closing the mouth, talking, and chewing exceedingly difficult. Just like an overbite and underbite, this condition will cause your facial features to look asymmetrical.

However, with the right orthodontic care, you can correct the jaw alignment and successfully align the teeth so that they come together properly. Overall, this type of treatment will, over time, improve your quality of life and confidence.

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