Meet The Gruelle Dempsey Family

We only get one set of adult teeth in our lives, and taking care of those teeth is extremely important. If you allow your oral hygiene to slip, or even if you choose the wrong dental and orthodontic practice, you could find yourself on the losing end of a dental health battle. Here at Gruelle Dempsey Orthodontics, we have spent the past few decades putting together one of the best orthodontic teams in the country. Not only are we one of the most trusted orthodontic practices in the nation, but we are one of the top five Invisalign providers in the world. If you are interested in seeing the Gruelle Dempsey difference for yourself, come in to meet our team at your free consultation. Get to know some of our helpful and friendly staff before you ever walk through our doors with this blog.

Our Doctors

All of our doctors are extremely well versed in dentistry and orthodontics, with each of them specializing in a different section of our field. In an effort to ensure that our patients are completely and totally taken care of and to reduce wait times at our offices, we have four expert doctors on our team. Dr. Terry Gruelle is one of the founders of our practice and specializes in Invisalign and patient care. Dr. Jerrod Dempsey, the second founder of our practice has worked side by side with Dr. Gruelle for decades. With goals of constantly finding new ways to treat patients and to customizing each treatment to best fit each patient, Dr. Gruelle has both helped streamline our process and discover new and innovative ways to utilize technology. For the past few years, both Dr. Gruelle and Dr. Dempsey have been traveling the world to help dentists and orthodontics learn how to best implement Invisalign treatment plans.

Our team of doctors has expanded over the years to include Dr. Ashley Mencarelli. She has helped form us into the fantastic and patient-focused practice that we have become and have propelled us to new heights in the dental and orthodontic world.

Patient Care Team

Our patient care team is the face of our practice, and every time you come in for a visit, one of these amazing women will help make sure that you know the next steps on your orthodontic journey and that all of your questions are answered. As of now, we have nine members of our patient care team: Mary, Bridget, Hayley, Brandie, Aimee, Danell, Deana, Amber, & Karen. These fantastic women don’t just help us elevate our practice and our skills as a team, they are the real reason why our patients feel so comfortable walking through our doors. Our patient care team is what makes our practice feel like a family.

Here at Gruelle Dempsey Orthodontics, we are proud of the team we have put together to ensure that our patients get the best possible care. See for yourself why our practice has remained a staple in the orthodontic field with your free consultation today.