How Long Do Braces Take to Straighten Teeth

Braces are the popular solution for people seeking to straighten misaligned teeth. You’ll encounter many aligners, including Invisalign, self-ligating brackets, lingual, surgical, accelerated orthodontics, and conventional metal aligners. Each option works differently, but all have a common goal of correcting teeth misalignment.

If you are seeking to have braces placement, it is vital to work with a professional orthodontist for the best results if you need teeth aligners. You’ll also be able to take them off sooner.

3 Factors That Affect How Long Braces Take

Teeth alignment usually takes a substantial duration, but each case is different. In most instances, the required time will depend on how crooked your teeth are.  Behavior and lifestyle also influence how effective and ultimately how long the aligners will take to straighten your teeth. Below are three key factors that affect how long you’ll wear aligners.

1. The Bite

Bite refers to how the top and bottom teeth align when you close your mouth. If your bite doesn’t align how it should, you might require more time. Essentially, the process will involve aligning the bite, as well as misaligned teeth.  Here are the four bite alignments that may need straightening.

•    Open Bite – Top and bottom teeth don’t touch
•    Underbite – Lower teeth extend outward than upper teeth
•    Overbite/Deep Bite – Upper teeth extend outward than lower teeth
•    Cross Bite – Some upper teeth are behind lower teeth

2. Aligner Option

There are various types of aligners, and each works differently. A conventional metal brace, Invisalign, and lingual aligners all take different durations to straighten teeth.

A metal brace features brackets that hold the teeth and a wire threaded through the brackets. Your orthodontist will tighten the wires gradually to align your teeth, which may take six months to three years, depending on your needs.

Invisalign, which refers to invisible aligners, may also take a few months up to a year. They are removable plastic-like trays changed every few weeks as your teeth straighten. Invisalign may take longer if you fail to follow your orthodontist’s recommendations.

Lastly, lingual aligners are placed behind your teeth and considered the most aesthetic option. They are as effective as the other types and take about six months to straighten your teeth.

3. Orthodontic Tools

If your treatment requires something more than the aligners, it will affect the duration needed to straighten your teeth. Some treatments involve rubber bands, palatal expanders, headgear, and other accelerated orthodontics.

These additional tools may speed up or slow down the alignment process. In most cases that involve accelerated orthodontics, they sped up the process. However, but you should only consider them if recommended by the orthodontist.

Work With a Professional Orthodontist

Teeth alignment can result in issues if you don’t follow your doctor’s advice. The best way to determine how long your aligners will take to straighten your teeth involves working with an experienced orthodontist.

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