Invisalign: Handling and Maintenance Basics

Ever since their introduction in 2000, Invisalign braces have made quite a name for themselves. This is partly because they help you get rid of the heavy metal brackets that make up regular braces and partly because they’re removable and therefore easy to take care of. The only possible draw-back of Invisalign aligners is that they are more expensive than ordinary braces or any other form of teeth alignment. Since they are different from regular braces, their maintenance is different too. Here are a few basics that you should know:

Invisalign are plastic trays that are removable. You can take them off while brushing or while you’re eating, etc. However, they are something that goes into your oral cavity and as such it is important to store them properly so that they don’t get infected with germs that might cause harmful reactions in your mouth. Invisalign comes with a specialized protective case to store them but it is important to keep this case dry at all times. Also once the aligners are in the case; put it in a cool dry place away from moisture. Wet and humid places are ideal environments for germ growth and you don’t want that stuff getting in your mouth. Additionally, never soak your aligners in mouth wash. The liquid formula harms the plastic surface of Invisalign making it less efficient.

Invisalign are relatively easy to clean. As with storage, they come with their own Invisalign Cleaning System. These are special crystals that when dissolved in water makes a special solution in which you can soak your retainers and it removes any plaque or harmful build-up that might have occurred on them. This product is sold by the manufacturers of Invisalign themselves and might be a little costly. There are other ways, however, to clean your aligners. You can simply rinse them with water or clean them with a brush and toothpaste, the same way you clean your teeth.
It is important here to stress the fact that as important as it is to keep your aligners clean, it is also necessary to take care of your teeth. Experts recommend removing your Invisalign while eating or drinking beverages and then brushing your teeth before putting them back on. It might seem like a hectic task but failing to clean both your teeth and the aligners might cause irreparable damage in the long term.

Watch what you eat with your aligners on
Some of the precautions are similar to those with normal braces, e.g. you’re not allowed to chew gums with the aligners on. It is important to avoid carbonated or hot beverages as both of these can become lodged in the aligners and allow bacteria to build-up, resulting in cavities.
Invisalign is a breakthrough technology that allows teeth straightening without filling your mouth with metal. As great as it is, cleaning your teeth and the aligners regularly, storing them in a cool, dry place and watching your eating habits is equally necessary. It is much more beneficial to see and have lengthy discussions with your orthodontist in this regard as he’ll be able to guide you more precisely on all matters related to Invisalign. After all, it’s your precious smile we’re talking about. You wouldn’t want to ruin that!