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Retainer Instructions

Here are some simple instructions to take care of your removable retainer:
  • Wear your retainer all the time. Unless you are eating, playing sports or given different instructions by the doctor, you should be wearing your retainer.
  • Remove your retainer while swimming.
  • At first, your retainer may affect your speech. This will go away the longer you wear your retainer and practice speaking.
  • Brush your retainer at least twice a day the same way you would brush your teeth.
  • Always place your retainer in its case when you aren’t wearing it. This will prevent it from becoming lost or damaged.
  • Retainers are breakable and expensive to replace. Avoid placing them near heat or someplace they could easily be damaged.
  • Do not attempt to adjust your retainer. If you are experiencing problems, contact our office.
  • Don’t play with your retainer with your tongue. It could damage the retainer or your teeth.
  • Always bring your retainer with you to appointments.
Contact us if you still have questions or concerns about your retainer
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